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Dear clients,
we will be pleased if you use services of our company. We do follow all of COVID 19 measures.

Our services

We specialise on providing services to households and companies. We became popular in the district of Záhorská Bystrica and in the area by flexibility and pro-client approach

Households cleaning

Cleaning of houses, apartments, windows cleaning, kitchens cleaning, bathrooms cleaning, cleaning after construction, one time actions

Companies cleaning

Cleaning of small and big offices,  carpets shampooing, office chairs shampooing, regular and one time cleanings


Shampooing with Kärcher machine, sofas, carpets, armchairs, mattresses, we shampoo with detergents of HG and Kärcher.


years on the market




regular clients



from 9€/hour/person

Regular cleaning
One time cleaning
Cleaning after construction

Minimum amount charged at regular cleaning: 3 hours
Free transportation at regular cleaning

Minimum amount charged at one time cleaning: 5 hours
Transportation charged according to the location

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from 1.7€/m2

carpet – pieces, short hair:
Carpet area to: 1,5 m2 / 2€
Carpet area 1,5 m2 – 3m2 / 5€
Carpet area from 3,5 m2 / 1,5€/ m2
carpet – long hair
Carpet area to: 1,5 m2 / 3€
Carpet area 1,5 m2 – 3m2 / 7,5€
Carpet area from 3,5 m2 / 1,5€/ m2
full room carpet – short hair:
up to 10m2 / 12,5€
from 10,5m2/ 1,2€/m2
full room carpet – long hair:
up to 10m2 / 17,5€
from 10,5m2/ 1,7€/m2
5€ / seat
3-10 € according to a size
single bed mattress
3-5€ one side
dining chair
2 - 3€
office chair

Minimum amount charged: 25€
Free transportation for the places in Zahorska Bystrica and Marianka

I am insterested

About us

We founded the brand and the company in february 2014. We made it. We have been on the market for more than 3 years. We really appreciate on ourserlves, that we are really focused on customers satisfaction. We are not a startup, we do not grow exponentially, but linearly, what guarantees quality, stability and control over decision making. We fulfill the clients needs in Bratislava and the area. We are bravely saying,, that it works, for more than 3 years.


Detergents we use

Frequently asked questions

Sure. We operate in Bratislava, Záhorie and also in Austria, close to borders. It does not matter if you are from Bratislava, Záhorie or Austria.

It is ideal to let us know at least 36 hours in advance in order to be able to secure enough workforce for you.


Before we make a deal, we meet in person, we check a space, which will be cleaned, we agree on pricing, timing to be able to meet your expectations. After that we allocate a worker who will deliver a service for you.

Of course. We train and test our coworkers before they go and perform at the clients. We test them in a modulary apartment, where we can check the competencies and the qualities of the workers.

Our aim is, that a same person will deliver the service. That is why, the best way is to order a regular cleaning at least once  a week. Of course it can happen, that workers can get sick or need a special day off. If this happens, we communicate with a client and agree on substitution for that day or moving a cleaning to another day.

At one time actions detergents are delivered by us. At regular cleanings it is standard with our clients, that it is their responsibility to manage detergents. Regularly we inform our clients what needs to be fulfilled or which detergent is already left. Obviously it is not problematic to provide detergents for regular clients.

The service is paid at the end of each month after issuing an invoice, that the service is paid once in a month. We believe, that it is better for you and also for us.

We operate

Cleaning Bratislava and the area

  • Bratislava
  • Záhorská Bystrica
  • Marianka
  • Stupava
  • Lozorno
  • Malacky
  • Jabloňové
  • Zohor
  • Borinka

Cleaning Austria

  • Kittsee
  • Hainburg
  • Wolfsthal

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Stromová 13
841 06 Bratislava

IČO: 47619236
DIČ: 2024038445
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